A Petition For A Constitution Convention

The Convention should, at a minimum, consider the following:

  1. Ethics:

    A requirement that the President of the United States comply with appropriate ethics sections of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and that secret clearance background checks be completed on potential Presidents well before national elections, and that oath's of office include phrases about ethical and moral behavior.

  2. Lawyers:

    A section to reduce the conflict of interest when lawyers make the nation's law.

  3. States' Rights:

    Consideration of States' Rights concerning education, highways and other facets used to hold states hostage by limiting federal funds or the use of funds.

  4. Senate Elections:

    A reexamination of the method of electing federal senators.

  5. Justice:

    A consideration for removing the Department of Justice from the executive branch of government.

  6. Taxes:

    A change to limit federal income tax to 15 percent or less, except in times of foretold war, actual war, or a serious act of God.

  7. Language:

    A general clarification or deletion of the outdated language without changing the basic rights and liberties now enjoyed.

  8. Money:

    Provide legal validation for the use of paper money, and install provisions for a balanced budget and the reduction and maintenance of the public debt to a fixed amount per capita or a reasonable percentage of GDP, except in cases of declared war or public electronic approval of armed forces build up.

  9. Ear Marks:

    Place limits on the amount and types of federal grants, subsidies and pork projects as not within the scope and job description of the federal government. (e.g., education, foreign aid, social programs, etc.)

  10. Media:

    Consider methods to prohibit the ownership of local newspapers and local electronic media (TV/Radio stations) by large, out of state, media corporations.

  11. Term Limites:

    Establish term limits for federal legislatures.

  12. Campaign Finance:

    Further define the accounting trail and dollar amounts which political action committees (PAC's), corporations, unions and other organizations and individuals can donate to candidates and political parties in federal elections.

  13. Judiciary:

    Establish age limits for judges.

  14. Size:

    Limit the size of organizations including corporations and unions.

  15. War Powers:

    Strictly limit the war powers of the President and insure continuity of Congress in case of a major WMD attack.

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